“Leaders are reader”

If you want to become a leader read books

Leaders are reader,

“Harry S. Truman said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” I love reading it helped me to become a good leader.

Where ever I see the good book and if it is related to me I purchase it from the market because I love books.

Books make you grow taller. If you want to improve your life and grow your mind start reading from today. A book can change your life. Reading book is like that you are doing conversation with the author, reading his story and you are learning from his /her experience .you will get ideas, knowledge motivation inspiration from their stories it will enhance your knowledge.

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Here I will not suggest you that if you read the simple book you will be a reader to become a leader read great successful people story what they have achieved and how they become a leader and what they gain in their life. 

Read books again and again: If you see someone who reads the same again and again it does not mean that they have not understood that book concept. Even they re-read that story to keep a reminder in their mind to have become a successful leader 

Reading books gives you new ideas, new thoughts rather than you spend a lot of time and energy on their experiment. Building any business quickly a in short, time is very difficult it takes a long time, long process and faces long challenges .How to reach the goal quickly and not to waste more energy and time by reading successfully person story we can learn a lot of from their experience. It may open the door of opportunities 

Through reading you are creative 

You can create some think innovatively by reading it can help you Create in an innovative manner creative is more powerful forces to be a success. Creating is not new it is old ideas in the innovation of new processes in a different way. A businessman can make a new strategy for his business through old ideas. It improves ability and skills. It helps to person in every area be a more successful husband, father, business owner, coach, friend, neighbor, employee, etc. 

Reading Improve your communication skill 

A lot of people have fear to write and speak if you read more, through reading you will increase your communication skills. Your fear will no more with you. You will be wrong one time two times three time but at last you will success. It gives you access to experiences that are not our own. It exposes you to how other people approach this gives more options to make better decisions. Through reading, leaders are exposed to different perspectives that may encourage them to take a new or different approach to conflicts

Reading gives relaxing in mind 

Reading is relaxing, bottom line. We live in a world where it’s constantly in “go” mode. If we are constantly redlining, we will burn out and burn up our engine. We have to relax from time to time. We have to recharge and refuel ourselves. We have to shut it down now and again. Nothing to do more Reading has been a great way for us to do just that.

Not to do more

Nothing to do more If you read for just half an hour every day, you could finish a 250-page book in just two weeks’ time. That’s twenty-six books in a year. A hundred books in the next four years. That’s more than most Indians read in a lifetime. Just think. What difference would that make to the quality of your mind, your career, your life? Just thirty minutes a day can do the trick, so stop giving excuses about not having the time to read.

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati,
Professor -Principal (KCSMCA) India.
Regulatory Board member of In Traders Academic Platform
Member ICA, IAA, AICP- India
AASE -Taiwan,
IBIMA- Spain


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Rashmi Gujrati

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati , Professor-Dean (International Affairs) CT University, India President-Editor-In-Chief Tradepreneur Global Academic Platform, UK (Institution of Research & Development) Qualification: M.com, MBA, Ph.D. Specialization: Marketing, Finance & International Business, Entrepreneurship. Editor-In-Chief International Journal of Business Operation Editorial Board member of (IJEFMS) Science Publish Group, USA Editorial Board Member of Academic for Global Business Advancement Association, USA Reviewer of Common Ground Research Networks University of Illinois, USA Reviewer IBIMA Association, Spain Scientific Review Committee, Advisory Board Member of AASE Member Chung Yuan Christiana University, Taiwan Scientific Board Member of InTraders Academic Platform, Turkey Editorial Board Member of Journal of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Animal Sciences, Turkey Indian Commerce Association Indian Accounting Association Indian College Principals Association Review & Editorial Committee Board Member Laescuela Education Scientific Committee Member of Research Synergy Foundation (RSF) Indonesia Editorial & Review Committee member FSSER Malaysia Editorial & Review Committee member GI-SSF Malaysia +919759347347

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