Learning Through Motivation

Learning is very difficult in current scenario. Many people want to get success, but they want it directly, which is not possible. For getting success learning and understanding is most important applications. In the first step we need to learn everything from the different sources and then we have to understand the thing and also need to understand how to implement the same ideas in the present situation. For that motivation plays a vital role for learning new concepts and ideas.

Generally learning is the process of getting new ideas and/or Modification or updating knowledge through the reading or by viewing, by listening, by analyzing or by experiments of data and ideas or any other Suitable methods. People can learn anything from anyone, there is no any particular person or books, people can learn from Animal or Children or from trees (through observation), but the main point is that learning is depending the sense of the human minds and power, ability of understanding, power of the human body and mind activeness etc..  Many a time it happened, human mind can understand every single matter from others and it also happened a person cannot understand anything form others, so for that Learning through motivation is most important.

Another most important tool is the implementation of the learning in the real life or in the corporate life. Only learning is not sufficient for the success but implementation of learning is also important for the success. In implementation we have to see time of implementation and the environment, like is the environment is proper for implementation of not? If time and environment is proper in that case we can implement anything successfully.

So in the center of learning and success, motivation is most important. If we give motivation for every single success of the achievement, than people may get motivate for other success or for other achievement which is may be more than previous one. So we can say that motivation is most important for getting more success in life.

Rahul B. Chauhan

Assistant Professor

Parul Institute of Business Administration

Parul University. Baroda, India

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