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ISSN  0719-7578  05/05/2018

It is a real pleasure to write some lines to congratulate the Organizing Committee of both the InTrades Conferences for both students and academics at the Sakarya University in Turkey.   I have been following the very closely indeed, the strategy and hard work done for many people so as to make these two Conferences a great success.

Since I was very young indeed, I became very fond of the Turkey´s culture and society.

Many years ago, an International Conference was organized in Riva del Sole, Italy(1988) and was so lucky to meet a number of people from different countries.  I still remember with a lot of care and affection the delegation of young and senior scientist from Turkey.   We used to have lovely talks over tea and dinnertime with reference to the various issues, which are of interest to participants of any Conference.

I did learn about this experience a great deal and have no doubt; although many decades have passed away, good memories are never forgotten.  As soon as I heard about this Conference I got very interested.  I immediately got in touch with Mr. Kürşat ÇAPRAZ, the General Secretary of the InTraders Academic Platform and start following the advances very closely indeed. This gentleman has done a magnificent work; pro active and very professional.

Additionally, I run as General Editor an electronic magazine, known as INGLOMAYOR (Global Mayor Engineering). ISSN 0719-7578 and currently follow the state of the art of Conferences and Journals so as to keep in close touch with the many advances all over the world.  Our electronic magazine is divided into three sections: (i) Section A.  Basic Sciences, Material Science, Engineering, Lectures Notes and Books, (ii) Entrepreneurship and Social Business and (c ) Applied Environmental Biotechnology. The official language of the magazine is English. We have joined together a number of high quality and recognized academics to give life to a high quality editorial board. Section B is close to the main subject of the Conference in Turkey and the Editor in Chief of that section is Professor Jo-Ann Rolle. Dean, School of Economy. The City University of New York.  USA.   I would be delighted to make use of this opportunity to let you all know that it would be most welcome to receive some contributions in the very near future from the participants of the International Conference on InTraders.

The research contributions should be submitted to Professor Roberto Acevedo (e-mail: roberto.acevedo.llanos@gmail.com) and a double peer-reviewed process is performed.

Hoping the very best for the Conference in Turkey,

Yours Sincerely

Roberto Acevedo

General Editor of INGLOMAYOR




InTraders Academic Platform aims to provide contribution to education and social sciences through our International Spring Conferences, International Winter Conferences, International Autumn Conferences, Academic Journal, All Conference Alerts, and International Market Research. For your announcement request: info@intraders.org

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  1. Thank you very much for your kind letter. As InTraders Acedemic Platform, we manage Acedamician Conferences, Student Conferences, Academic Journal (in near future), Economy Blog News and International Market Research. We are glad to get your letter and we are open to offers for international collaborations. For sponsorships and collaborations you may contact by info@intraders.org

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