Letter From Turkey To Marinică Tiberiu Șchiopu, Romania

Hi Bro Marinica 🙂
When I am starting the letter, came to mind how we met. I met you with a friend of mine who was at the Second InTraders Conference last year. In March, we held a Second InTraders Student Presentation Competition at the University of Craiova. We went to your village. the southern part of Romania was the opportunity to travel with you for 3-4 days. Very good people who are hospitable to your family. Hasibe cat is also very beautiful. You have a beautiful village. Then in April, you came to Sakarya. You attended the Istanbul program for 3 nights after The Third InTraders International Conference on International Trade. You’ve been singing Indian songs with an Indian academician. Everything was perfect. I already miss those days, bro.

As I said before, you know, I’ve come to Romania 7-8 times so far. Romania is a very nice place and the people are very friendly. Maybe you are a different nation but many of our lives are very similar. Our local clothes are very similar. Our kitchen is similar. There’s no tea and börek there. You learned it, bro. I’d like to be your guest for black tea and börek someday.

People are some happy some not here. And a euro is about 6,84 and a dollar about 6 liras. Last year a euro was 4,7 lira and a dollar was 3,7liras. I don’t want to comment that is the reality of exchange. what about there bro 🙂

Your village is very close to the Danube River. My mind remained on the Danube River. Maybe we can camp near the Danube for a week this summer. This place is rainy and a little hot at this time. After all, summer is coming.

InTraders continues to bring many people together and bring them in. My brother, I am lucky to come across good people like you.

If you answer, I have a few questions I want you to ask some questions. How is life in Romania? People are happy. I want everyone to live in peace and peace, brother. One-third of your young people moved to western Europe after European union membership. I think it has some positive and negative sides.

I wish success in his doctoral thesis. In the next letters, I will try to inform you about our culture and customs. Wish to see you, bro 🙂

At the end of the year, I want to publish these letters as a book and time will show what we contribute to each other about our culture, customs, friendship…

Your bro Kürşat 🙂



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  1. Salam… very nice words to exchange culture reviews. Intraders is love and provide a platform to contribute your thoughts, culture and success. it is the best place to gather friends from the whole world. Feeling happy to be the part of Intraders. 🙂

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