God created the Universe.

God created Planets.

God created the Earth.

God created living things to dwell on earth.

God created man to live with these creatures.

God created man; He gave him a body of flesh and bone, and a soul from his breath.

Man did what God said do.

Man also did what God said do not.

God destroyed people who denied him.

Man asked God for forgiveness.

God gave man another chance.

Man was divided into those who pray to God and those who deny him.

God saw those who worship the angel Satan by doing evil in the world.

God trusted in man who did good by believing in him.

Man resisted against the mother of evil by doing good.

Man realized how few people are good compared to the bad and doing good.

Good people; He continued to pray and do good to God, sometimes doubting within himself.

Good people; He realized that as he did good, the world survived and the planet became a more livable world.

Good people; as he did good he made God see that there is still hope for humanity.

Good people; He showed that as you do good, unrequited favors increase, their numbers increase, and the world is truly a place to live.

The desperate person was aware of the existence of a miracle.

The person who has lost hope; As he saw the miracles around him, he believed in miracles, goodness, the future, the world and God.

A person who has lost hope has become hopeful.

The Hoping Human had positive thinking.

Positive Person does good.

The Doer of Goodness became a miracle worker.

The Miracle-Creator has existed in every corner of the world.

Miracle is everywhere. The miracle is in people. Miracle; in our hearts, conscience, emotions, minds; wherever people are.

Miracle is everywhere. Every good deed is a miracle. Every good thing is a person. Each person is a “Life Architect”.

If you want to be a good person, don’t wait for the miracle to come to you… You are the miracle. You are the good and the bad. Goodness is with you, the miracle is with you.

By doing you a favor, you can create a miracle and become a “LIFE ARCHITECT”.

Happy New Year.

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