Market Research

InTraders Academic Platform

InTraders Academic Platform

We aim to contribute to provide academicians and private sector with market research.

We carry out the study of international trade due to demands of private sector, academicians and students.

The below demands will be dealt with:

  • Private Sector Demands: education request, market research, article study, case analysis, internship demand
  • Student Demands: internship demand, thesis-article study, scholarship, case analysis.
  • Academician Demands: market research, thesis-article study, case analysis.

Our primarily goal is to contribute by funding to graduate and doctoral students who aim to improve themselves in the field of international trade so that they can complete case studies, thesis and articles. This kind of shares are only in our Facebook Group Page



InTraders Academic Platform aims to provide contribution to education and social sciences through our International Spring Conferences, International Winter Conferences, International Autumn Conferences, Academic Journal, All Conference Alerts, and International Market Research. For your announcement request: info@intraders.org

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