Mindfulness is a new concept for Western World but it is rooted in ancient Indian philosophy and it entered the Occident through Buddhism. This practice consists mainly of enjoying every moment and being aware of whatever happens or whatever one does at that moment. In order to practise that, one should train her/his mind, tame it and subdue all the negative emotions (anger, hatred, jealousy, attachment etc.) and bad thoughts. Hindu sadhus and Buddhist lamas made use of meditation to tame their minds, mainly samadhi or single-pointed meditation.

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To control one’s own thoughts and emotions, that person should practise vipassana (this kind of meditation consists mainly in introspection, observing the true nature of things, in analysing all the surrounding objects, beings and phenomena). So, to achieve full awareness of our actions, we should practise mindfulness which shall improve our lifestyle. Mindfulness is so relevant in our contemporary society (full of stress and anxieties). No matter how many problems we are facing, we should remember Shantideva’s advice: if a problem can be solved, we mustn’t worry, if it can’t be solved, we also shouldn’t worry (because it is beyond our possibilities to solve it).


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