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Before discussing the women in Pakistani society, firstly we should understand Pakistani society. Pakistan is a Muslim country, where people are obeying Islamic values. Islam has conferred a highly respected social position to women. Islam gives the rights and honors of women in society. Similarly, Islam does not impose any restrictions that may allow social growth and development of women.pakistani woman

A woman has an equally important member of society. The women in Pakistani society have been complaining of having being isolated from male dominant society. They strongly claim that if they get a chance, they can positively contribute to the development of all social aspects. However, Pakistani society usually adopts a hostile attitude towards the women.

“For many men, an ideal woman is one who has no sense of self, no basis to ever challenge the man’s decisions, who is ‘reasonable’ where the term means complicit in her own subjugation”

This quotation is retrieved from Rafia Zakaria

In Pakistani society, when some women want to prove that they can be mothers, doctors, lawyers, accountants and government employee are not considered a ‘real Pakistani women’, these are trained by ‘Western females’  that are very famous in Pakistani society.pakistani women

A prefect and real Pakistani woman is considered as someone who formed precisely according to the wishes of the men who are standing in discernment over her. There would be a self-sacrificing mother behind the thoughts of such men. A mother who is sacrificed her whole life for children and husband. Men have to prove it gives all these teachings by mother. As other men, they have different angles regarding women, they might consider the perfect women as a fantastic cook who stay in home and clean house, serves their mother and family. Similarly, they expected that women have no self-recognition and have no rights to challenge the decision of men.

Women cannot do anything without the permission of men even in terms of education and marriage. Many Pakistani girls are done arrange marriages and sacrifices their whole life for their families’ respect with that person they did not like.pakistani women

Now the trends and thoughts are changing day by day due to awareness that is generating by social media and educations. Women are being more empower and independent. The families are considering women involvement in every aspect of life even they get permission for higher education and regarding marriages, their decisions are considering important. Nowadays, Pakistani society is moving towards women empowerment. The point is that either empowering women is good for society or it has bad impact on society.

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