Pave your path

We all have played with blocks when we were kids. Legos used to be the must-have toy for all of us. Building different things out of colourful blocks was too tempting to stay away from for both boys and girls. From creating different things out of Lego to building skyscrapers, from scribbling with crayons to painting canvases, creativity is something that comes naturally to all human beings. Life itself is the most creative thing to happen to humans, yet we don’t realize it.

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Everything that happens in our life depends on what choices we make. From trivial to significant, all choices have repercussions in our life. In 8th grade, my English teacher used to belittle me for reasons unknown to date. I remember vowing to myself to excel at things that I was ridiculed for. I chose to become better instead of falling in despair and as a consequence becoming a menace for others. The choice I made led me to accomplish things I never thought I’d be able to achieve.

Live life in a way that leaves you with no regrets at the end of the day. Opportunity knocks on our door, the choice is on us to let the knocking fall on deaf ears or open the door and welcome the opportunity with open arms. Imagine having a bunch of wood planks in your arms. The onus is on you to pave your path. Choose your direction and install each plank to make the way. After all, you are the artist of your own life. Choose your colours wisely.


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