Phases in the decision making process of buying cosmetics products – A case study for Macedonian cosmetic brand Becutan and German cosmetic brand Nivea

The consumer’sdecision making process is a complex process that is unique for each consumer, although the phases it is consisted of are the same. Factors that influence consumers decision-making process of buying products are divided as internal factors such as perception, learning and memory, motives, emotions, lifestyle and attitudes, and external factors such as culture, political economic, social and technological factors. These factors influence the way consumers form their attitudes towards different products since their attitudes are not stereotyped, they change all the time.

This paper gives a good explanation about the decision-making process of purchasing products which is a complex process that is consisted of five phases such as: defining consumers ‘needs, doing research before deciding to purchase products, assessment of purchasing alternatives, behavior during purchase and assessment after purchasing products. Each phase will be explained separately in this paper through results gained from an online made survey about the use of cosmetic products (creams) from Becutan and Nivea brand in the Republic of Macedonia. The goal of the research of this paper is to explore the actual behavior of the consumers during their decision-making process to purchase cosmetic products.

Keywords: Decision-making process, phases, consumers, attitudes
JEL Code: M31

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International Conference on International Trade Conference Book/ editörler Kürşat Çapraz Irina Raluca Badea, Mustafa Yılmaz

İstanbul: Hiperlink Yayınları, 2018.

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