Positivity! The need of the era

“Riches are not from an abundance of worldly good but from a contented mind.” Prophet Muhammad ص

Positive thinking reflects your mindset in life. It is a key element to tackle stress management and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your perspective towards yourself no matter whether you are optimistic or pessimistic it may affect your wellbeing. Positive thinking generates thoughts that transform energy into a pleasant and healthy ending of the situation. This positive thinking starts with self-conversation. It can be constructive or destructive. Constructive thoughts lead to good health with less stress and fewer health issues by adopting healthier lifestyles with physical activity and a healthier diet.

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Negative thinking promotes negativity and that imply criticism. These thoughts dominate the perception of a depressed person. An individual with negative thinking does not expect things to go as planned thus anticipating bad outcomes. Their abilities to cope with daily stressors become dysfunctional which causes psychological and physical health problems. Dispositional use of positive emotions is mostly associated with positive aspects of wellbeing to induce coping strategy. This makes an individual more attentive to the situation at hand. Therefore, the person is more likely to scan coping options thoroughly and less likely to respond spontaneously. There are two major benefits of thinking positively in a stressful situation. Firstly, positive thinking will enable the person to handle the worst situation in a better. The other is that positive thinking also increases the possibility of a good outcome. Studies show optimism is related to higher levels of self-reported vitality and mental health and lower levels of depression. There is also evidence that positive thinking may provide a sense of control in certain situations and reduce the incidence of depression. In the midst of this pandemic when many people have lost their lives and it has turned our lives upside-down and its normal response to having creepy feelings and negative thoughts but a positive mindset can go a long way in managing through the difficult time.

A positive attitude during this pandemic helps you to filter out discouraging news and focuses you to center on things that provide you with what you need to do. This positive attitude also effects on your immune system and stress management abilities and several studies show that thoughts directly influence the immune system and optimistic people have a strong immune response when they face a stressful situation, they cope more effectively than their negative counterparts. So what we have to do first of all identify destructive thinking by magnifying the destructive aspect and filter out the positive one, stop assuming the worst outcome, make a habit to laugh and seek humor in everyday happenings and try to convince yourself to smile even in worst circumstances and be optimistic and turn these negative thoughts into positive thinking as it works as a medicine to stress. A mind with a positive attitude is the greatest blessing in this era so stay positive and be healthy.

Written by: Hina Zahoor

Istanbul Gelisim University

Hina Zahoor

Lect. İstanbul Gelişim University

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