Pricing Strategies In Internetional Trade

As is known, firms move for maximum profit with minimum cost. Therefore, one of the two factors that need to be taken into consideration during these purpose-oriented activities is to minimize the input costs, and the other is the pricing strategy related to this. However, especially when the subject of international trade is different from the domestic market, the interventions of the states subject to commercialization, the exchange rate risks and the economic and political fluctuations of those countries can also be important.

As follows; which is related to the temporary or permanent opposition of the goods to the economic and political perception of the countries of the goods as well as to the goods subject to the trade, and even to the free access or quota and similar obstacles due to the mutual negative dialogue of the political authorities, alternative scenarios, strategies, it will need to be moved quickly. Taken in this regard, the strategy followed in international pricing is not only for minimum profit maximizing profits but also for other factors as well as pricing. In our work, too, under the heading of Pricing Strategies in International Trade, not only the minimum cost-effective maximum profit pricing technique, on the one hand, on the delivery forms, on the other hand, the pricing strategies related to the global competitive power; On the other hand, pricing strategies that include policies to minimize inventory costs are also included in the framework of the holding policy.

In this first part, the concept and scope of price and pricing are discussed, and the purpose of pricing is discussed. In the second part, in a sense, the factors affecting pricing, which is the status analysis of pricing for firms, are included. In the third part, the pricing approaches in the literature and the pricing policies for these approaches are dealt with, depending on the determinants of which factors the pricing of the companies are affected. In a sense, in the fourth chapter, where the applicability of step-by-step strategies is taken into account, the Basic Pricing Strategies are processed. As a result, in our work, a road map has been presented, especially for companies dealing with foreign trade, in terms of pricing and how they will follow a pricing strategy even in the presence and/or presence of the market. In the fifth section, the pricing process is mentioned briefly.

Keywords: Foreign Trade, Pricing, Pricing Strategies, Pricing Process, Price
JEL Codes: P45, P22

Phd. Faculty Member Ertan BECEREN
Süleyman Demirel University

II. InTradersUluslararası Ticaret Kongresi Kongre Kitabı
The Second InTraders International Conference on International Trade Conference Book editör: Kürşat Çapraz
İstanbul: Hiperlink Yayınları, 2018.



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