Problems regarding the resolution of contracts in commercial relations

Although the legislation in civil law aims to regulate social relations, which are established
between legal subjects as private persons, on the basis of autonomy of will, consensualism and
the binding force of conventions, in today’s reality, most legal relations of contractual nature is
concluded with a merchant/professional or between them. Consequently, both at the national
level, and also at the European Union level, specific legislation was developed, that regulates
these legal relationships, considering their specificity. In this context, the common law in the
matter of the resolution and termination of contracts is supplemented or even modified by
special legal rules to correspond to the specific needs generated by these social relations. They
will mainly concern consumer protection or the specifics of commercial relations. In our paper,
we will identify and analyze these specific regulations in the context of common law and try to
make some suggestions for improving the legislation.
Keywords: Commercial Relations, Contracts

Authors: Cristian Drăghici, Secula Mihai Rau

Source: https://www.intraders.org/archive/conference-book-archive/the-9th-intraders-international-conference-on-social-sciences-and-education-abstract-book-2/

The 11th InTraders International Conference On Social Sciences and Education, 25-29 September 2023



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