Process of Business communication

Business communication is a dynamic, two-way process. It transpires between two parties, one is the sender of the messages, the other is the receiver of the messages.
the elements of the communication process are:-
a sender is a person who sends the message to the receiver. The sender can be an individual or organization
The idea is the abstract thing it has to be encoded, which is given a physical form. The ideas or the message can be encoded in the form of words, day to day language, tone style, etc.
It is an important part of the business communication process. It can be an idea, text, animation., video, etc.
It is the route through which sends the message to other people. It can be a letter,a memo,a report ,an e-mail ,a fax, telephone, etc.
Decoding the messages
it means translating the encoded message into a language understood by the receiver.
The receiver is a person who received the message sent by the sender is called receiver.
Feedback means the receiver’s response to the messages. This is the final completing phase in the communication cycle. If the response is a desired one.,we can say that it has been a happy communication cycle.

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