Romania, the Presidency of the EU Council and the Relations with Turkey

This year Romania is holding the presidency of the EU Council, each member state of the European Union assumes this role for six months. This position involves an impartial attitude during the exercise of the term, so the leading state must not promote and pursue its own interests or those of another country. The presidency entails three main missions: to plan and head the meetings of the EU Council, to represent the Council in its interactions with other institutions of the EU, and to represent the EU in the dialogue with external partners. This is a good opportunity for Romania to prove its qualities of interaction with other states (EU members or not). Turkey is an eloquent example of developing closer relations with the European Union. Sharing a common past, Turkey is cooperating with Romania in its attempt to join the EU. In this respect, the Embassy of Romania to Turkey hosted and organized some political and cultural events: political meetings with Turkish officials concerning commercial and economic partnerships, forest tree plantation, Iftar dinners, activities related to Europe’s Day etc

            Taking into account the important historical and cultural ties between Romania and Turkey, and the big number of Turkish living in Romania, Romania’s efforts to sustain the adherence of Turkey to the European Union are understandable. If we also take into consideration the Turkish people living in different European countries, Turkey’s adherence to the EU is of paramount importance for easing their lives and for rejuvenating the population of ageing Europe. In spite of some disputes between the EU and Turkey, the membership talks must be carried on.

             Turkey also has a strategic location, being a bridge between Europe and the Middle East, it could act as a moderator between the Islamic and Western worlds, therefore the peacekeeping actions of Turkey in Central Asia and the Middle East are very important (taking into account that the Turkish Army is the largest in Europe and one of the most valuable partners of NATO). Turkey could reduce Europe’s dependence on Moscow, becoming an alternative energy corridor to Europe.

            So, despite some cons, there are many prons that stand up for Turkey’s adherence to the European Union, and Romania’s presidency of the EU Council should create an appropriate environment for negotiations.

Marinică Tiberiu Șchiopu, Romania

The 4th InTraders International Conference On International Trade 7-9 October 2019 Turkey



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