Attitude Study of Romanian Consumers Towards To Turkey Originated Products : The Case of Bucharest

Attitude Study of Romanian Consumers

May be it is only pilot study but it gives important points for inverstors and exporters on Romania. In this column only abstract, one of the question and conclusion part mentioned here.

The study aims to clasify the attitudes of Romanian consumers against products originating from Turkey with structured interviews. In October 2016, a week-long study in Bucharest found that the sales points for consumable products were researched, with a total of 8 shopping malls in total. The shopping centers’ structures have been examined and it has been determined that the most suitable place for the consumption is Unirea Shopping Center because of the fact that there are product shops of Turkish origin. In order to minimize mistakes originating from the translations, it is decided to keep them simple and short and to keep the number of questions low.

*-Which Turkish product or company do you know in Romania? (Ce companie sau producator Turcesc cunoasteti in Romania?)  In this study, the opinions on the product on demand are demanded, and the textile and food products that the individual has used are mentioned. It turns out that the products are not important for the consumers of origin. Despite the consumption of many products originating in Turkey, there is no attitude towards the origin of the products since the origin of the products is not questioned. In the food industry, Turkish restaurants and dessert are first mentioned. Koton, LCW, De Facto and Penti are the best-known brands of textile products. Turkish Airlines has become the brand mentioned in the aviation sector. BEKO and Vestel are mentioned as white goods brands.

Conclusion and Discussions As a result of the study, it is stated that the origin of the consumed product is not important, that the product of the decision of purchase is preferred as the price and quality, and that they are satisfied with the quality and price for the products originating from the country they are consuming and they are not in the perception of Chinese origin products. Entering with English and Romanian trademark will be beneficial to the market for foreign investors. In order to be able to carry out this study more healthily, it is necessary to reach more people and get the opinions of the people providing income outside the students.. It was found out that the product with the general appearance price was preferred, and that the Turkish products were enough for the market as the quality. In 2007 he entered the european union and his population dropped. In 2007, close to 25 million people are approaching only 20 million in 2017. About 10 million people went to work in western Europe. This ratio, which constitutes about one third of the population, has the potential to affect the national income per capita. The Romanian market will remain an important market for an emerging European Union country with a physical location for Turkey and a significant potential for spending. With the revision of the study questions, the perception of the consumption goods of the Romanian consumers will be expanded with the culture dimension by being developed as an online questionnaire.

*Responsible Writer Kürşat ÇAPRAZ, for full text demand kcapraz@sakarya.edu.tr

*This study is presented in October 2017, IBU International Student Congress, Skopje, Macedonia, S.Ö. Yalova University, K.Ç, Sakarya University, Attitude Study of Romanian Consumers Towards To Turkey Originated Products : The Case of Bucharest



Kürşat Çapraz, administrative staff at Sakarya University (2008-...), Secretary of InTraders Academic Platform. PhD Student, Labour Economics, Looking for academic position,

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