S.O.L. Company Language Teaching and Content Writing, Proofreading and Translation In Barcelona

S.O.L is a company that was founded in Barcelona in 2018 by three women entrepreneurs. We offer language services for businesses and/or self-employed professionals who need to overcome communication problems to ensure they are competitive and to make their businesses more successful. Our services include in-company language teaching and content writing, proofreading, and translation.

Claudia Ledesma
She considers it essential to understand what each student needs and how they learn in order to know what motivates them and drives their learning.

Cristina Mudarra
She is passionate about the language and translation aspects that go beyond words and that are why her area of specialty is intercultural communication.

Cristina Rubio
Currently, she combines her love for writing with the teaching of ELE, making corrections and writing of commissioned works at a private and corporate level.


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