Save water Save earth

Water is very important in life. We need water for domestic, agriculture and industrial use. Earth is covered with 70% water. For living every human, animal, and plant need water. We can live without food but without water, we cannot survive. If there is no water on the earth life will come to an end.

Water is very important for life then an also we waste water. People think that it is unlimited. But actually, only 1% water is fresh water which can be used for drinking and preparing food rest is salty sea water. Without water death is certain.

In India, two three cities are totally water deprived – Shimla and Latur. And even other countries are also facing water deficiency. Capetown in South Africa is also water deprived.

Today people don’t know about the actual scenario of the environment and continuously we are damaging the natural resources. We want to protect the earth but actually, we don’t know how to protect it. Due to deforestation, soil erosion and many other issues are damaging the earth. If we want to save the earth, first of we should save water and need to plant trees around us.

It is our responsibility to save Earth and water if we can do this we will save a life .

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati, India

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