Sevgili abim,

Thank you so much for your letter! I am glad to have good news from you especially in this awful period. We are trying to fight against illness but only God knows the outcome! Inșallah things will get better soon!

You’re right, I also miss spending time by the Danube, enjoying the meal prepared by my aunt…. I hope we’ll have the chance this year, maybe in summer! It would be nice to visit some places in Transylvania and Timișoara as well!

I pray every day for the end of this pandemic but we all have to make our contribution to stop the virus. How is the situation in Sakarya? I miss the warm-hearted people, the beautiful landscape and the delicious food of Sakarya! How are Durdiye Anne and Ayșe Hanım? Ohh, I remembered the delicious food Ayșe Hanım made for us! Çok lezzetli!

Hope to see you all soon! I send my greetings to the entire InTraders family, the international family! Hugs!

Best regards,


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