calmness and silence. victory and joy. rain and sun. what we know and what we hide. our capabilities and our impossibilities. The places we visited and the things we did not see. what we eat and what we can’t reach. what we drink and what we forget. all complicated.

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Even if we don’t want it, the heart does it without a brain. we can’t think. we can’t be polite. we are bloody minded. We are tearing ourselves apart to hope for the impossible. In the end, we are unhappy individuals. like a clock always running behind. even if we close our eyes, it destroys our body in a terrible way. We work hard not to remember, we are constantly busy to forget. however, maybe a smile would be enough for all that shitty stuff.

they all trickery of…. what are we really…. what the hell is going on. I’m going to wash my teeth and lie down not to open back….




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