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We are not aware of life how we spend. We work for long to live better but how… Let’s look Turkey Desk of Cittaslow . There are 14 residential areas;Akyaka, Eğirdir, Gökçeada, Gerze, Göynük, Halfeti, Perşembe, Şavşat, Seferihisar, Taraklı, Uzundere, Vize, Yalvaç and Yenipazar.

“With the impact of globalization, cities have become self-sufficient living spaces that are fast-paced, fast-paced and consuming from production. Cities have evolved from places where people with established intentions live together in a safe environment, to spaces designed for people to move faster and work faster. Cities that have become increasingly distant from social shelter where people shelter each other, socialize, and hand over each other, become stalls where people live for consumption. Accelerated life is the result of people running around at a certain tempo to eat faster, shop faster, and arrive faster than ever. Instead of small shopkeepers like grocery stores, grocery stores, tailors, etc., these lifestyle grocery stores, car parks instead of the playgrounds of our children’s playgrounds, large motorways instead of parks and green areas. The limited life of the most important value of human being is presented as indispensable of modern life with unhealthy foods, air pollution, traffic, loneliness and consumption. The popular cult is also a place where the life it supports is not a place to live, it quickly goes to work with a car, it is a place to grow up, drinking coffee, drinking coffee and not having an hour and a half to drink, modern human model that does not recognize is not sustainable.

In addition to causing many diseases such as depression, heart diseases and cancer in this modern lifestyle, making the cities unsustainable. Cities built by fast life style are no longer self-sufficient. These self-defeating cities also consume both nature and people, while destroying resources in many parts of the world, not just in the immediate vicinity, but also thousands of kilometers away. Cities designed to consume more people, move from place to place faster, have cut people from nature and from each other and become the only alternative. Consumption-oriented life brings people happiness and peace, people call for a different life style, Cittaslow movement in the urban dimension. Cittaslow argues that philosophical life is to be experienced at a rate that can be enjoyed from life. The Cittaslow movement has set out to become a realistic alternative to cities that benefit from the conveniences of technology, using renewable energy sources that have the ability to communicate with each other, socialize, self-sustain, sustainable, handicrafts, nature, traditions and customs but without infrastructure problems.” Translated from http://cittaslowturkiye.org/#cittaslow 22/06/2018

We wish to live in better cities…


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Kürşat Çapraz, administrative staff at Sakarya University (2008-...), Secretary of InTraders Academic Platform. PhD Student, Labour Economics, Looking for academic position,

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