Special Guest of the Chef

Simple theme. Chef and guests at TRT; however, Special Guest of the Chef (Şefin Özel Konuğu, TRT)…

It is like a very simple theme, what is more important is, touches the hearts and reminds us human beings, and guests are heroes.

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They go to many cities and find our heroes in society and honor them. Sometimes it is the survivors that the heroes touched on their lives.

At the same time, they visit many cities and bring special recipes of that city to our screens.

Extremely, the theme of the show is great because it’s the memories of ordinary people on the street that remind us of our humanity. Sharing these memories with us. An awesome moments. A lovely string of stories to congratulate …

If not translated yet,should be done as soon as possible reach the whole world.

We believe that this kind of documentaries should be shared more..

Have a good time.

Link: https://www.trtbelgesel.com.tr/lezzet/sefin-ozel-konugu



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