Technical Ores and the Adventure of Huckleberry Finn of Mark Twain

The purpose of writing this paper to explore the existence of Dialect Humor, Humor seemed to be as a part of linguistic reality which could be used as a language device as an everyday language in the literature. My research paper will rely on an inheriting and coherent technical complementary device of Mark Twain, which imbued with various connotations used by social and regional. Although the use of different dialect between American and British English. In this paper, I will concentrate on the technical study of language in order to examine the relationship between language and society. Whereas the structure of language is the main discourse society that “A sociolinguistic perspective requires exploring how language is used to establish a social context while simultaneously exploring how the social context influences language use and the communication of meaning.” (Baker) Therefore, it may divide into Micro-linguistics, sociology focused on certain language, by which concentrates in the social or community facts.

Although, there is an argument about culture and language in the Twain’s work. It shall be understood by its own terms, contexts, and culture. Competence is the utterance part of the language that will deal with the speaker and what they will want to expose. While the performance is dealing with the actual use of the language, performance comprised of the third or four part of activities or a domain of, verbal, human action. This interrelation of language cannot divest the language from cultural and regional roots. The verbal part of language or performance is an essential integral part of any communication acts, what Hymes attempted to expose to the reader that grammatical part does not exist at any learner or speaker to the native/ foreign language. Brook noted, “So, too, is the use of dialect as a humorous device, whether in spoken English, dialect jokes, or in longer texts.” The phenomenon of Dialect Studies scientifically emanated from different motivations and emotions nonetheless it is a reality, however, the dialect is considered as humor device. Volatile dialect existed within comedian actives and writers who utilized the dialect humor in the artistic acts. Overwhelming of English language found a vast cultural and regional dialect, speaker of the second language insisted to use certain jokes or dialect in their native language, so the micro/dialectal is concentrated with the regional issues, and social variations.

Keywords: Literary creativity, Humor, Dialect, Sociolinguistic and Social Issues.

Amer Ali DahhamWateefi
Craiova University, Romania

II. InTradersUluslararası Ticaret Kongresi Kongre Kitabı
The Second InTraders International Conference on International Trade Conference Book editör: Kürşat Çapraz
İstanbul: Hiperlink Yayınları, 2018.

The 3rd InTraders International Conference On International Trade,15-16-17 April 2019, Turkey, Sakarya. İstanbul Program 18-19-20 April 2019.



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