The 4th InTraders International Conference on International Trade Completed

The 4th InTraders International Conference on International Trade Completed with its three-day İstanbul Program.


InTraders International Conferences on International Trade aim to be able to publish scientific research of researchers; aims to create a platform that will contribute to academic development and increase the number of qualified academic studies.

Started with invited speakers, India K.C. Prof.Dr. Rashmi Gujrati and Aesthetic Surgeon Hüseyin KANDULU.

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Then, in a special session, University of Maine-Farmington, USA, “Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Intrapreneurship in Formulating and Executing Business Strategy”, Prof. Dr. Shahrokh Dalpour, Istanbul Arel University, Does Brexit Have Impact on Stock Markets and Foreign Exchange Rates in Emerging Market Economies? Evidence from Turkey, Ph.D. Faculty Member, Esra N. KILCI and Istanbul Gelisim University, Emotional intelligence is a beta-blocker for job stress, A study of Turkish and Pakistani academicians, Lect. Hina Zahoor’s speech continued.

Dr. Hüseyin KANDULU stated that the value-added of the services sector exports is higher than the exports of finished goods and that the export of services will take an important place in the future in closing the foreign trade deficit.


Congress Director, Kursat ÇAPRAZ, stated that the foreign trade deficit would be important in closing high-value-added areas such as the health sector by supporting them.

The two-day congress, which began on October 7, followed by a trip to Sakarya and a three-day trip to Istanbul.


The InTraders Academic Platform encourages students to read, think and write with 5 minutes of presentation competitions abroad each year with social responsibility activities. In 2018 in Pakistan and in 2019 in Romania. it also contributes to the social responsibility awareness by providing a discount / free opportunity to a certain number of bloggers to attend their congresses.

The fifth of the congress, which aims to contribute to the field of international trade with the titles of InTraders Academic Journal of International Trade, Economics Blog in English and International Market Research, will be held on 1-2-3 June 2019 at Sakarya University with the titles of international trade, business, economics and supply chain management.

The 5th InTraders International Conference On International Trade


InTraders Academic Platform aims to provide contribution to education and social sciences through our International Spring Conferences, International Winter Conferences, International Autumn Conferences, Academic Journal, All Conference Alerts, and International Market Research. For your announcement request: info@intraders.org

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