The Fifth InTraders International Conference – A Great Online Success

The current Coronavirus pandemic forced professors and academicians to shift their activity online. The organization process was a challenging one because many conferences around the world were cancelled and we had to find a solution for the willing participants. The director of the academic event, Mr Kurșat Capraz, and his team, including Prof. Dr Rashmi Gujrati from India and myself, took into account all the aspects for the organisation of the online conference.

Thus, our Fifth InTraders International Conference was held online, gathering scholars and academicians from all over the world. The domains and topics did not limit to trade, economics and management, but included cultural studies, linguistics and history as well.

The used application gave us the opportunity to see again our long time friends and to make new friends, all members of the big and devoted InTraders Family. The next edition (the sixth one) of the InTraders Conference (5-9 October 2020) will be another outstanding academic event due to the diligence and warm-heartedness of the participants and the organizers.

Stay safe!


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