Each of the X, Y, Z generations lived their time with their unique characteristics. Each generation did not hesitate to use sentences such as “it was… in our time”, “we were born prematurely” to the following generations. Such interpretations are also due to adopting the truth of his time and not being able to go further. That is where the incident we call generation conflict comes. However, since not everyone has lived the same century in the same geography, they still show differences. In other words, the generation Y, living in Istanbul and living in the countryside do not have the same characteristics. But in the coming decades, as technology will progress more, the difference between the same generation will not be as it is today. The legend “Zero Generation” is coming, which is the generation that is expected to break ground in the century.

Our job is complicated if we cannot turn the information age into an age of wisdom. Because the next generation after Z will be the “Zero Generation”. Generations in which moral, social, and human norms will be at the forefront and taught should be raised. Today, technological developments and the increase in economic and social mobility have gotten worse in the society, divorces and crimes have increased. In addition to these, stress has increased in our people. The after-sight, wannabe, and affected population increased. A generation has emerged that does not want to produce. There is a need for an education model that can cope with this situation.

Unless asked to do so, people do not want to help, or even move their muscles. People are not helpful to themselves and do not want to help anyone else. It’s not about genes. We should care and focus on this situation. Otherwise, our job will be unfortunate, and the price will be huge.

Should the world be one culture? Naturally, should we be from this one culture? Or should we save our local culture by protecting it?

First of all, parents (mothers and fathers) have a significant duty. We must be a visual example, not with verbal speech but through action, with our gestures, and we must first be “that” person, just as we want our children to be.

Stay with love and health.

Logistics Sector Consultant, Individual Consultant, Author, Trainer



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