The Importance of Tolerance

Tolerance is the ability of human beings to accept the others, their beliefs, traditions and ideas. The value of tolerance is common to all the major religious traditions and its therapeutical benefits have been proved by science. Because of the diversity of human communities all over the world, there is a huge range of different cultures and customs on this planet. The diversity also generated problems because people’s interests were often opposite.


            Nowadays, in the globalised world, the amount of problems is dramatically increasing and the only solution for better and more peaceful humanity is tolerance. Tolerance, compassion and mutual respect on individual and (inter)national levels represent the best methods to bring harmony into the human society. Problems cannot be totally solved, but through dialogue, people can reduce them or their intensity.

            The current situation of the planet requires tolerance among the different nations and concern for the stability/balance of nature. Many ecological disasters have been produced by the intolerance and conflicts between nations, so is our duty to cooperate and work for the health of our planet and our wellbeing as well. This requires dialogue, tolerance, respect and compassion for every sentient being.

PhD Marinică Șchiopu, University of Craiova, Romania

The 5th InTraders Conference 13-17 April 2020, İstanbul, Turkey

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