The Pandemic and Mental Health

In a world where we all are struggling to accommodate the new way of living, being considerate of others might sound insignificant but it isn’t. We all are facing a difficult time, a time where we are juggling with several balls at a time. Initially, we all had thought that staying home would allow us to do things we always wanted to do. Like; binge-watching our favourite shows on Netflix, get back to an old hobby or start a new one, spend more time with our family, etc. Instead, we found ourselves being more occupied with work, studies, and house chores.

It’s a fact that our economies have been affected because of the pandemic, the way of working has drastically changed as everything has moved to a virtual platform. Adapting to the virtual world took a while but we all got the hang of it. The only catch is that now there are no time limits. Pre-pandemic work routine required all of us to be on a schedule. School hours were fixed and so were work hours. Once we were home, we had the time to ourselves. The pandemic has messed up our schedules. I see individuals working even after their usual office hours and classes are conducted until 11:00 PM. There is no time left for ourselves. 

If anything, this pandemic has deeply affected our mental health. From kids to elders, all of us have felt a shift in our moods and behaviours. We feel more stressed and burdened under the workload of our school/employers with pending house chores. We have all become busy bees and are in a constant hustle to meet the deadlines. Amidst all this, we have forgotten how to be considerate towards one another. Instead of becoming more understanding, we have become more indifferent. Employers have shrunk up the deadlines, teachers can’t lighten up on the homework and assignments and give only a few hours for submission, or else, the students do not get scored. There is simply no room for excuses for employees and students alike. Some employers/teachers show no leniency even at genuine requests.

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One of my acquaintances said the following which shocked me and made me write this blog,

“I have never been so anxious in my entire life. Lately, I’ve been feeling more exhausted and there is a constant feeling of helplessness. I could not submit my home assignments due to sickness which took me a week to recover. I requested my teacher to accept my paper at a later date. The teacher didn’t even read the message, much less accept my request”

Another acquaintance of mine narrates,

“My employer assigned me a task on Friday during Friday prayer timings.  The work he assigned me usually takes a day to finish but he had given me only three hours. The work was not even of my domain, my employer wanted me to do it anyway and meet the deadline.”

You cannot find delight in learning if it comes with such boundaries. You cannot enjoy working if your employer shows no concern and thinks if a few can do it then all can do it. Like the five fingers of our hand, not all individuals are the same. Let’s be more considerate and empathetic towards one another. It will build more trust that will get things done more convivially than stringently.


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  1. This is exactly what we are feeling right now and this new way of doing things needs to change Or else it will have a deep impact on the minds of people even after this pandemic is over.

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