Pandemics are tough times for everyone to go through. Pandemics change all our habits, especially in social interaction. At this time, we are required to social distancing to suppress the transmission of covid-19. There are so many impacts that arise from this pandemic, including the economic recession felt by many countries in the world, an increase in mortality, an increase in crime, and many other negative impacts that arise with the existence of Covid-19. It has been almost a year since the pandemic has hit the world, we are all bored, tired, and maybe almost discouraged by this situation. However, I see that there is still a positive side to the existence of Covid-19. The positive impact that I feel with the presence of Covid-19 is I can learn many things without being constrained by distance and time using an online platform such as zoom, google meet, etc. During a pandemic, there are many webinars and online classes that we can take part in and maybe we will not get them if under normal conditions due to distance and time constraints. Pandemics require us to quickly adapt and find alternatives to solve problems. Hopefully, these difficult times will pass soon. Hopefully, the world can return to normal. Stay enthusiastic in all conditions because whatever the conditions are, if we can quickly adapt and can see the positive side, everything will be lighter.

Vera Safitri, Indonesia

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Vera Safitri

Lecturer, Indonesia

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