The Relationship Between Brexit and Turkey: How Brexit Will Affect Turkey’s International Trade

Gerardo Cárdenas Blanco
University of Sakarya
Institute Of Social Sciences, International Trade Department

Undoubtedly, Brexit has had a tremendous impact on both the European Union’s structure as well as on the United Kingdom’s economy. While the United Kingdom’s political authorities claim the separation will bring an outstanding economic boost, the European Union’s representatives maintain the widely acknowledged saying “two heads are better than one” and cannot imagine the European Union (EU) without the United Kingdom (UK). The EU was reluctant to accept in a positive way the UK’s leaving from their Union, not only due to all changes the separation would forge but because it would negatively affect the overall economy. With the UK’s leaving, brand-new trade partners and economic links should be developed with different countries in order to neutralize the possible commercial pitfall Brexit is likely to cause. However, the latter two are not the only implicated agents within the intricate separation process.


Countries like Turkey are directly related to the EU as well as with the UK due to it has had an economic and political exchange with both, therefore, is likely to be considered as a possible replacement in a wide range of sectors when Brexit finally takes place, being international trade one of the fundamental pillars. The main aim of this study is to forecast how Turkey’s overall economy and international trade are likely to look like when the UK permanently separates from the EU. By extensively reviewing secondary information sources, qualitative research will deeply explain readers and the scientific community how Turkey’s international trade will benefit from the UK’s. Moreover, an analysis regarding where commercial development is expected to be witnessed and where Turkey should focus its attention if it truly desires to get the best out of the dissolution measure will be presented.

Keywords: Brexit, The European Union, The United Kingdom, Turkey’s International Trade
JEL Codes: F10, F13, F15

International Conference on International Trade Abstract Book/ editörler Kürşat Çapraz Irina Raluca Badea

İstanbul: Hiperlink Yayınları, 2018.



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