The secret of sustainable success

Success is the feeling of fulfillment with pleasure. Who doesn’t want to be successful in his life, but you see some people accomplish their goals more quickly and their achievements are more sustainable than others. Today we explore the secret of it.

Positive feelings are one of the fundamental elements that you have in your life to enjoy gaiety and pleasure. It is not just happy feelings, they play a momentous role in everyday life. Among the list of positive emotions that people experience, interest is one which plays a crucial part in quick success besides its focus on your strengths instead of just relying on to improve your weaknesses enable you to perform exceptionally well.


You have heard it with another name as curiosity, excitement, and shares conceptual space with intrinsic motivation. It is basically the skill that matches the perceived challenges of an activity. Interest sparked the transitory thought action tendency with the aim to explore and increases knowledge and experience. Although this persuasion satisfies your own inner curiosity to explore for reliable and desirable outcomes over the time it also increases the treasure of knowledge and intelligence, enhances the performance and also the cause of personal growth and development of an individual in the specific area of interest and this all ultimately leads to the success. If you are uninterested in the task, whether you found it unexciting or insignificant or both,  you couldn’t perform as well and also more exhausted afterward. In other case interest allows you to perform amazingly without exhausting. Your level of interest helps you not only to enhance your performance but also build up your mental resources necessary to stay deeply involved and this persuasion leads you to sustainable and quick achievement.

Focus on strengths:

        “You will excel only by maximizing your strength not by working on your weaknesses”. (Marcus Buckingham)

Anyone can be successful in his life if one has an ambition in life focus on the strengths and avoid the negativity and adapt positivity. The greatest blunder the person usually does is to work just on weaknesses which can only improve some one’s performance but if you work on the strengths it leads to outstanding results. As strengths are not just those activities which generally misunderstood  you are good at, but  these activities actually strengthen you and you are excited before  doing it and you do those activities with great interest and  during which time quickly passes  and the result is not just plain success it is full of contentment, confidence ,become more creative and agile at work and  you got such experience which enhances your performance from average to excellence.

 In short, if you are the one who knows your interest and can grasp and highlight your strengths then get ready for higher levels of productivity and profitability.

Hina Zahoor, Pakistan

Lect. İstanbul Gelişim University

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