The Third InTraders Conference – A Stunning Intercultural Success

Before my departure to Istanbul I was nervous due to two facts: it was my first visit to Turkey and I was informed that my flight was changed to the New Istanbul Airport. But when I arrived in Istanbul, Sayyad (a PhD candidate from the University of Sakarya) was waiting to pick me up and I was so overwhelmed by his attentive attitude that I felt I found another brother. So, I fell in love with Turkey due to its people, everywhere I met wonderful and helpful persons and felt at home. I loved, at first sight, the colorful attires of Turks, the multicultural mixture on the streets, their hospitality and the landscape.

           After arriving in Sakarya, Mr. Kürșat Çapraz managed everything so well that we, the foreign guests, felt as if we belonged to a family (and this feeling is still in my heart): the InTraders Family. The conference itself was a great success due to its international character (and intercultural as well); the event gathered participants from many countries, such as India, Pakistan, Congo, Albania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Romania, Somalia, etc. The topics were so diverse and interesting that the audience was thoroughly engaged. The conference had an interdisciplinary character as well, bringing together participants from different fields of research: international trade, IT, tourism, management, cultural and literary studies, etc., trying to offer a holistic picture of the international trade phenomenon, seen from different perspectives. The InTraders Conference is not only a great opportunity for intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue between academicians, but also for the young students and researchers who want to constantly develop.

           I have participated before in many international conferences but the InTraders conference is special because of its skillful director who knows to create a warm familial atmosphere, to bring together so diverse people and to establish cultural bridges between them. So, a skillful director and a hardworking team are crucial for the success of an event of such caliber. Apart from the director, the organizing committee is wonderful and also multicultural, I made friends with some of the members of this committee (great Kazahi and Turkish students). After the conference, we visited the University of Sakarya (the dean, the rector and also the students) and met nice people who offered us delicious Turkish tea, coffee, and delights. Dinners (and food in general) were scrumptious, especially in the company of joyful people. An important part of the conference was the three-day program in Istanbul after the event, during this program Mr. Kürșat Çapraz proved to be not only an excellent organizer but also an ingenious guide; we visited some of the best tourist attraction in Istanbul: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Gülhane Park, Topkapı Palace, Galata Tower, Grand Bazaar, Taksim Square, and we also took a cruise on the Bosphorus. So we went home with lots of pictures, life-long friendships, and unforgettable memories.

           I want to thank Mr. Kürșat Çapraz for giving me the opportunity to attend his outstanding conference, and thanks to this event I met a lot of wonderful people with whom I kept in touch ever since (especially my beloved Indian friend – Dr. Rashmi Gujrati). Now, even though I am in Romania, my heart is still in Turkey. Çok Teşekkür ederim, Kürșat Abi!

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