The impact of marketing environment on Export Market Strategy (PhD Thesis Review)

Export Market Strategy

In this study, Ege University SSE, which is being published as a permission in National Thesis  Center, Dr. In the consultancy of Rezan TATLIDİL, a doctorate thesis was prepared by Keti VENTURA, ” The impact of marketing environment of textile and clothing exports on export market strategy “.

In the study, the concern about how to gain a different point of view to the people who are interested in foreign market research has been studied. In order for the thesis to be examined to be more productive and functional by market actors, it has been tried to take sides towards the application. In the external market research, many factors such as internal, external, environmental (local and international) factors play a role. Examination of each of these factors requires separate studies. The thesis examined is the basis of export market strategy positioning of foreign market research.

trade-theoretical framework in the first part of the thesis, the industry about the second part of the world and the situation in Turkey, the theoretical framework of export marketing in the third section and the environment, the export marketing in the export of relevant sectors of the items in the fourth chapter and the environment on the theoretical framework of impact and the last section suitable for my part of the place It is located.

The basic question of the thesis can be expressed as “does the marketing environment affect export market strategies in export of textiles and ready-made clothing products?”

Survey technique was used as data collection method in the study. Within the scope of the field study, senior managers or export managers of textile and ready-to-wear companies that actually export in İzmir and Denizli are included. A total of 870 registered exporters were sent a questionnaire. 105 questionnaires were returned and 102 questionnaires were evaluated as available. The 3 questionnaires were excluded from the assessment due to their randomness. The recycling rate of the questionnaires was calculated as 11.72 percent. Another important constraint is that exporting companies should be reluctant to participate in fieldwork and refuse to answer the questionnaire.

Having a low turnover rate is a difficult period for many students in the thesis period. Because of this, the desired efficiency can not be obtained from the studies, and many desired studies are still in the phase of thought. It is a need to open doors to a certain number of master’s and doctoral theses per year with legal arrangements to be made in order to make the R & D culture of the country and accelerate the economy.

The most important characteristics of these groups are as follows: “The group preferring the market intensification strategy”, “The group preferring the market diversification strategy” is more experienced in exporting, investing more in marketing expenditures and firms that implement strategic marketing policies, competition, promotion-distribution and pricing strategies more in foreign markets. The main reason for this is that all marketing efforts are aimed at focusing on specific markets, and in these markets, to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. “Those who prefer the market diversification strategy”, according to “those who prefer the market intensification strategy”, were found to be bigger firms that export to more countries. Another interesting result is that “those who prefer the market diversification strategy” pay more attention to political and legal factors. This is due to the fact that the political and legal structure of each country market is different because of opening up to many different markets.

Most of the exporting companies participating in the field research are the ones that carry out their production in their own structures, have experience of up to 15 years in actual exports, export to less than 5 countries, the average export amounts in the last 5 years are up to 20 million Dollars, as SMEs. Participant exporters, export market strategy preferences, distribution of the market has been approximately equal between the intensification and market diversification strategies. However, this is not in line with the “number of exporting countries” and “the intensity of marketing expenditures on export markets”, which are the determining factors of the export market strategy. In other words, exporters live in conflict with strategy choice. This is because the respondents are more likely to focus on unsolited orders rather than considering such strategies, and they are either not doing strategic planning or are missing. For this reason, export market strategy determinants are taken as basis.

The “group preferring the market intensification strategy” consists of firms that are more experienced in exports, invest more in marketing expenditures and apply strategic marketing policies, competition, promotion-distribution and pricing strategies in foreign markets more than other groups. The “group preferring the market diversification strategy” consists of larger enterprises that export more to the country and give more importance to the domestic political-legal factors.

As a result, in this thesis, the attitudes of the firms in solving the problems of the application part are very difficult. It shows that the rates of resistance that can be affected very quickly by the economic and political developments that may occur in the markets of the enterprises of many enterprises, where the exports of the enterprises are casually (accidental / unexpected orders according to the writers), are low. Employment structures of these enterprises can also face the unexpected / accidental risks and come to the closing points.

In terms of increasing exports and employment in foreign trade, businesses need to define their own potentials and follow market risks to determine market strategies well.


VENTURA, K. (2008). The impact of marketing environment of textile and clothing exports on export market strategy. Unpublished PhD Thesis. Izmir: Ege University, SSE.

National Thesis Center, https://tez.yok.gov.tr/UlusalTezMende/, Access Date: 20/04/2018

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