Surrender is easy

Many of us complain that we cannot manage the time well. What we want to do is always incomplete. We call our friend and tell him we don’t have time. We call our mother, I have no time, we say mother. Our child calls out and now we say I don’t have time. We cannot find time when we want to study. We want to travel when we can’t find it. So what is it that we call time.

Time is our choice. Time shows what we ask. We only experience the consequences of time. The moment has actually passed. As we experience this, our choices determine time. The problem starts here too; do we method our preferences? Or are we not sincere in what we want? Or when we says yes, does our heart say no?

Or is it bad that we have accumulated habits over time. While these habits steal our time from our lives, why are we just spectators? Why we cannot use our own or nothing that belongs. Are we only experiencing the consequences of time? Are we surrendering to something without limits? Why can’t we create a space for ourselves by saying stop to this situation.
Honestly, it bothers me that I can’t manage the time. I can not put what I want in the plan. In my plan, my energy is insufficient. I do not feel sorry for many things I have lost because it was all my own choice and I make my own preferences so as not to be very impressed, because their own preferences are those that hurt the human being the least. Time is a result in this fight.

Now, I know I need to live with time limit and full life. It is necessary to gather good memories and do good works. Unfortunately, nothing goes to the other world with you, neither your loved ones nor those who love you. and maybe just leaving a nice sound behind.

Managing the time is to make our choices. hope to make our choices for beautiful memories. Yes, when we wake up every morning, the sun will come, and if we can be there as a result of that time.



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Kürşat Çapraz, administrative staff at Sakarya University (2008-...), Secretary of InTraders Academic Platform. PhD Student, Labour Economics, Looking for academic position,

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