Today the topic of we ’ll talk about personal brand. As we all know that brand is an image in the mind of the consumer . Same is the personal brand. We all are brand if it was not so then we had not come to this world, bearing different thumbprints.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is actually how people perceive you. It allows you to differentiate yourself by constantly nutrify your unique value proportion.

“ If you’re not brand yourself, you can be assured that others doing it for you”.

How to recognize your personal brand?

For the answer to this question you must know the Branding Process, it is the approach to nurture and foster the brand. To explore your personal brand, you must know the elements and related artifacts of the branding process.

1.Unveil your brand :

To discover your brand, you must know your goals, personal drivers, values and you should know the answer to these:

• What are you passionate about?

• What are you known for?

• How do others describe you?

• What are the compliments people make about you?

2.Establish your brand:

Firstly, identify your target audience, and for this write your personal profile for them to tell that you are the one on this universe who can, on the top of the resume. For this, you need to Identify and understand your unique value proposition based on your abilities. And You should know your area of expertise. Secondly, Know Your Strengths, identify how these strengths appeal to your employer, client, etc. The important artifacts of the communication element of the branding process are building a communication plan, selection of combination vehicles (Personal website, blog, social Networks, business Card, resume) to access your target audience and to strengthen your brand and the last but not the least is to build a timeline for the reliability of your communication.

How to Maintain your personal brand?

In the end, I would like to share some tips to maintain a personal brand. You should be consistent and try to evaluate your brand on a regular basis (Linkedin), collect feedback, be flexible and keep learning as the best brand always versatile in nature.

Hina Zahoor, Pakistan

October 2018 Participant

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