I know it is quiet awkward in saying that the place we all use daily in our lives is the most private place of the world where no one can interfere in our lives, yes it is place called Toilets the place which is most safest to talk to your own and  my opinion is also same what most of the people thinks that toilet is the only place where they can sit and talk with themselves with the privacy away from the busy and the noisy world, people sitting in the toilets passes their time in different manner some read newspaper and magazines, sing in their own voices in the toilets where no one can listen them singing in their unique voices and now a days in the era of modernization where the whole world is trying to adopt the new technology, the people also changing their way of thinking in a toilet by using the cellphones, internet and listening to songs. Some people also says that the toilets are their second homes because it is the best place for them to smoke without knowing to the families.

It is the fact that while sitting in the toilets the person can came up with the new ideas and can also become the problem solver only when you’re comfortable with your toilets and when you can become comfortable when the toilet is clean… There are few encounters of individuals who imparted to me some cumbersome minutes they confronted while sitting in the can, encounters like that you understood there is another person into the following can and conversing with themselves noisily decreasing their psychological pressure.

There are few experiences of famous people quoted below which describes that how the toilet thinkers create the new innovations, this one likely isn’t amazing, yet a few innovators did thinking in strange restrooms or in unusual routes in ordinary washrooms. Steve Jobs would sit over a toilet seat and dangle his exposed feet in the water while considering. Nakamatsu had a hand crafted “quiet room” for suspecting that was fundamentally a washroom tiled in 24-karat gold, which he accepted shut out communicate signals that hurt innovativeness.


Muhammed Shahzeb Khan

Lect. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, Pakistan. InTraders Academic Platform, Conference Secretary

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  1. yes we exeprience that kind of things daily. may be we have nothing to do and we start to think. but especially i plan my projects, title of articles etc. on bus from work to home way.

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