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For foreign market research web value takes place an important role. The traffic of web determines the value of the web. Many manufacturers do not make marketing the light of specific planning and evaluations, therefore, they cannot achieve the success they need to promote their products and consequently cannot sell healthy and controlled. As it is known, how the companies have produced what they have produced and how much they have sold has been important. It is not possible for companies without a good marketing plan to grow and manage their future in a healthy way even at home. With this service, we offer you the opportunity to create a marketing plan for your company as a result of intensive and intensive work.

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The Problems

The biggest problem with the export side of foreign trade is not finding customers. No matter how well-equipped you are, you cannot export if you don’t have customers ready to buy your products, no matter how well you know the subject. In which countries are the customers of our products, ie where is the market?
Is there competition in the market?
Which countries are selling in the same market?
What other markets do the competing countries sell?
What are the sales prices of the products in the target markets?
Is the market expanding or contracting?
What is the potential buyer profile in target markets?
Who are the customers entering the target profile?
How to reach these customers?
How to contact?

Questions must be answered. There is no difference in marketing activities in the export market without doing market research, ie trying to fish from the shore with a fishing rod in fizzy water. It is the whole of the services given on how to do market research in export, where and how to find potential customers, how to work in target markets.

For searching web value of marketing by its trafic should be checked carefully.

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