Whats Beyond Corana Virus By Dr Leena Jenefa Associate Professor, TIAS, Delhi-India

Personal stressOther Stress-Getting news from social media or TelevisionOther Stress-From our family and  friends circle
Unable to go outside 
Feeling sadnessThose who are pregnant unable to travel from other countries  to home land
Unable to go and visit religious place 
Feeling afraid Those who doing business includes industrial product, perishable products are under  heavy loss
Work from home is not an easy job
Thinking our life is shortThose  who are working as local drivers, no income during these period 
Unable to meet family and friends
Lot of marriages cancelledThe elders those who depend upon the food prepared by hotel or mess are restricted.
Thinking about future is uncertainAll the mode of  transport facility throughout the world affected and stoppedUnable to meet the daily needs
Financial CrunchStock exchange affectedThose who are depend upon maids or others are highly affected
Money value gone downPeople who are under Daily wages are highly affectedStudents are in stress (Waiting for new entrance examination date)

 The whole world in stress. Only way!- Pray for others

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