Winter in Romania

The winter season has a different meaning for each of us, depending on birthplace, place of residence, religion and last but not least, on our way of being.

The three months season, starting in D890ecember, brings joy from many points of view: the winter solstice, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, holidays for children and adults, highest consumption for retail companies, presents for children from Santa Claus, cold weather for winter sports amateurs and so on.

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Also, December is unique, especially for Christians. Hence, most people prepare festive traditional meals, preceded by the Christmas tree decoration, whose smell wraps everything in the room. All of these create an atmosphere that eases the bad things which might have happened throughout the year that ends. Everyone has in mind the personal balance sheet of the last year and sets new goals for the year to come.

Even though there are many historical claims regarding the traditions of decorating Christmas trees and establishing the celebration of Jesus’ birth on 25th December, it is well known the illustration shows Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their children admiring a Christmas tree, in December 1848.

However, we should also look into the environmental changes we are all undergoing. They might seem insignificant year by year, but tremendously harmful in the long run.

In the latest report, the World Meteorological Organization claims that the global mean temperature for 2021 was about 1.09°C above the 1850-1900 average. Global warming also causes the mass loss of glaciers, drought, ocean warming, ocean acidifications and numerous other issues at the global level, having a negative impact on flora, fauna and people.

Beyond scientific facts, in the last decade or more, in Romania (except the Northern part and the mountains) the cold winter weather has rarely brought snow, which steals a little from the winter magic.

Even though we do not expect snow too soon, the decorations start to embellish the buildings, streets and homes early in November and the carols are dominating radios in anticipation of the end-of-year celebrations.

This year, Craiova, my hometown, was nominated for the most beautiful Christmas market, amongst other famous markets in Europe, which is a pride for everyone (check https://www.europeanbestdestinations.com/christmas-markets/best-christmas-destinations-in-europe/ for wonderful pictures).


Irina Badea

I was born in Craiova, Romania, in 1989. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, where I studied Finance and Banking. In 2016 I took my PhD in Finance and worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Finance, Banking and Economic Analysis Department at the University of Craiova for 2 years. My research interests are related to finance and public administration, but open to a multidisciplinary approach.

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