Women Empowerment Increase Economy Growth

Women are an integral part/asset of any country’s development process and have an important position in society. In the past, women’s involvement in society was restricted and most of the economy part controlled by men and treated her unfairly in all areas. But at the present time, the Women perform the main role in many significant areas such as political affairs, proficient training Jobs, trading and business law and fulfill their responsibilities for achieving the purpose of profitable outcomes that helps to grow economy. When concentrating on human rights and economic growth the women’s empowerment is one of the main concerns because gender equality is vital for our society to make sure the sustainable progress of the country. Empowerment refers to the procedures that deliberate to enhance the level of independence and self-determination. Empower leads society towards social change in the form of modifying human communications and associations that alter cultural and social establishments or may these changes have prolonged high-quality effects such as discrimination of gender inequality and poverty reeducation on economic growth. As women are the major source of talent and labor so when women are more empower it means productivity in the form of labor force participation increases which ultimately enhances economic development.

Women role for economic growth:

  • Women’s economic empowerment is essential to recognize women’s human rights and gender equality. Empowerment gives confidence to the women to contribute in the same way as men’s are in existing markets, right to do work with their own selected time and enlarge voice for showing their opinion, and significant involvement in economic decision-making at all stages from domestic to an international organization.
  • If more women work then economies will more grow at significantly higher levels because it will enhance output efficiency, amplify economic diversification and income equality.
  • Women’s economic equality is excellent at all industry levels because it will raise employment and leadership chances for women by organizational success and eventually growth will increase.

So, we will be not capable to decrease the vast gender gap without scattering consciousness concerning the role of women empowerment and their contribution in all subjects of life. Women have performed a key role in the economic development of any county. She has the right that should be treated equally and giving her a lot of respect because we have to remember one thing that women make a nation.

Sidra Ghafoor

Ms Finance

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Sidra Ghafoor

Sidra Ghafoor, University Of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

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