What you let in is what you become. Whatever you read is what your brain builds foundations on. Whatever we feed into our minds, it starts to see it as the only truth. To give your opinions a voice, it is imperative to know the possible challenges and solutions that exist in the world. Reading can entirely change your way of thinking. It trains your brain to visualize scenarios and makes you think critically. It does not only enhance your vocabulary but also sharpens your imagination. 

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Reading is like words forming a movie in your head. It allows you to give the story your very own production, your perspective on how you want to see a character’s physical appearance and personality traits. Fiction helps you learn from other people’s life experiences and how they made their way out of every difficulty, their mistakes and adroit decisions serve as a source of guidance for the reader. Jack Ma, owner of Ali Baba says, to not just read success stories, but also read stories of failures. No matter how smart you are, you will encounter these mistakes. You’ll learn not just to avoid these mistakes but also how to deal with it, how to face it.

Reading is more fun when you’re getting a taste of all genres. Keeping your eye just in the newspaper might spoil your mood, as you’ll only be reading what’s wrong in the world. We start thinking in a specific way if we’re storing one kind of information into our brains. We read several kinds of content on social media which is a platform where everyone has a voice. It offers you both, good and bad content. It can either add to your knowledge, improve your overall perception of life, or make you question your blessings and give some serious inferiority complex. Whatever information you feed into your mind is how you’ll be reacting to a certain situation. On a lighter note, one can indulge in reading humor, mystery, romance, thriller, fantasy, spiritual and many other genres that can have the reader envision the different realms each genre has to offer.

I prefer reading printed books as they give you the real essence of reading. It doesn’t just tell you a story, it gives you the real feel of it. Often, I find myself sniffing the book and its pages as it has a very queer scent to it. It gives more meaning to reading and associates a memory with it. Reading is just one sense at work but by holding and smelling the book, you involve two more senses, and sooner than later the book becomes a part of you. It registers in your brain differently; it gets comprehended more meaningfully than electronic books. There is more to what printed books have to but let’s save that topic for some other blog.


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