Dear Mari,

Dear Mari.

( Reply to https://conferencealertsintraders.com/ot/dear-kursat-abi/ ) These days are very busy nowadays. We have published the abstract book. I plan to complete the congress full-text book next week. In the month of July, we will make the 1st issue of volume 2, the journal. On the other hand, I am interested in the announcement of Congress in October 2019. There is something I forgot; we have recently given the final form of congressional announcement websites All conference alerts on www.intraders.org/news and www.paraekonomisi.com is an announcement for conferences in Turkey.

My Dream 🙂

Brother, what would you imagine when you were a kid? I wanted to be a pilot until I was 10. I am still fascinated by fly and flying everything. It’s great freedom to fly. Look, birds don’t have a passport concern, and you know, they have no concern about black as white, no racial anxiety. The bird is a bird. Maybe it’s the birds that love for freedom. I met seagull Jonathan when I came to middle school. I still have almost all flight trials in front of my eyes. Wondering what’s beyond your limits. I wonder what’s beyond that cloud Jonathan. Jonathan will break at this rate a few kilometers, or if your wings break.

Labor very holy !

I asked something to a professor at the university. You’re staying up to this hour, you’re not getting tired. He had a very good answer. Someone needs to produce, work Jonathan. After that, I once again understood how valuable it is to produce and how respectful I should be. Labor very holy Mari. Become as one of the producers, brother. Just don’t consume.

Maybe I won’t be able to write often these days. in the next letter, I will tell how to cook a very nice local dessert. I’ve been making that dessert and selling it in the market. I wouldn’t promise you, but I’d like to make a sweet dessert in Romania and serve you in your neighborhood. I’m not saying its name now. I will tell you in next letter.

Greetings to your family. see you 🙂



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