Difficulties in learning a foreign language

Hi Mari,

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We are on the third day of Eid. I’ve been planning to write to you for a week. I want to share it with you in this letter; learning a foreign language. In your last letter you mentioned being a teacher as a childhood dream and now you are a teacher. It’s very nice to hear it.

First of all, it is useful to express; this letter includes my personal opinions rather than academic experience.

Today you are asked whether you know a foreign language even if you will not use it when you are looking for a job. We are exposed to foreign language from primary school to the last grade. When we look at the result, we cannot learn and speak a great deal of foreign language. Another problem is the time and money we spend. When we compare the time and money we spend, the result is not very good.

Foreign language education begins in the 4th grade in public primary school in Turkey. Naturally, each teacher has a different teaching method. One year is a different method in the other year. The result is frustration. We have a serious problem with learning foreign languages ​​somewhere.

For me, a foreign language is a competence. We cannot look at foreign language learning as a lesson. We may progress our ability by learning a foreign language. In this way, when we try to learn foreign languages, success will come at the end.

Knowledge Pool

Another problem is that today there is a lot of information available. This information pool is so big that we’re getting lost in it. We cannot learn disciplined. Computer-based learning methods are not preferred for the lower income group because they are paid. The language courses for academic exams are the enemies of learning foreign languages. Even if the desired goal is reached at the end of the course, we are confronted with a stack of language connoisseurs who cannot put two sentences together.

Cost of Time

They should now change the structure of language course centers and go through methods to use the foreign language in order to avoid being gone bankrupt by online courses. Otherwise, online courses will remain doomed to shut down the course centers.

Even if you have enough money and time, you can not get any language from the course centers. It is very difficult to find a language course other than a few popular foreign languages ​​because of not having enough demand and tutorials. However, you have the opportunity to reach the foreign language you want as an online course. It is very difficult to go disciplined.

My Experiences

After all these my comments, maybe you will ask me the level of my curiosity as a foreign language. I got a 1 French course but I couldn’t continue until there was not enough demand to open the next level. Its structure was difficult for me to get used to. I took 4 levels, 8 months of German course. The fifth level was not opened when there was not enough demand. I couldn’t continue. When I started working at the university, I started to take Russian courses from foreign students. I couldn’t keep up with the intensity of my work. I’ve never wondered about the Chinese. Funnily, I wasn’t interested. I want to learn how to use Russian and German in academic studies. I want to learn Romanian as a hobby. Someday I’ve learned without retirement and I’m dreaming of enjoying these foreign languages.

As a result bro, as long as we do not try to learn a foreign language as a hobby and a talent, the foreign language will stand very far away from us.
How you learn foreign languages ​​as well. If you would like to talk about how in Romania situation, I’d like to listen to you gladly.

wish to see you in next letter.

Your Bro 🙂

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