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            (Reply to https://conferencealertsintraders.com/ot/difficulties-in-learning-a-foreign-language/ )The topic of learning foreign languages is very important and current. In a globalized world, dominated by intercultural exchanges and a tendency for multiculturality, learning a new language is crucial. People usually choose English due to their international spread. Nowadays English is the most widely spoken language in the world, but in the past other languages used to be lingua franca (Latin, French, for instance). The acquisition of a new language enhances our chances to get a better job and have a better life. But this is not the only benefit of learning new languages, some reports showed lately that our brain could avoid some mental diseases such as Alzheimer. On the other hand, children grown in a bilingual or multilingual environment will naturally learn easier a new language than those grown in a monolingual family.

            In Romania under the communist rule Russian was the most spoken foreign language, before that period it was French, but after The Revolution of 1989 English surpassed Russian and French. Nowadays, English is taught from kindergarten up to the university level. The results are not always the best, but things are getting better and better. Some schools, especially those in the countryside, are lacking modern technology that is vital in the process of teaching and learning foreign languages. Even in the countryside children are eager to learn English because their parents inoculated them the idea that speaking English opens doors that you may find impenetrable. Children must be sustained to express themselves in a foreign language as much as possible to master it. To reach an advanced level in English in order to pass an international exam (TOEFL, IELTS) one needs some special tutoring, but this implies an extra-cost, indeed. So, the improvement of one’s English might be expensive, but it’s worth it. The Romanian universities offer a vast range of foreign languages to the students: classical languages (Latin and Greek), modern western languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian are taught in every university) and some Oriental languages (Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese and Korean). I would like to know what is the situation of foreign languages in Turkish universities? People learn new languages for various purposes: trade, travelling, to apply for a job, to move to another country or simply as a hobby. I dare say that we live so many lives as many languages as we speak.

            I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Mari 🙂

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